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Course Schedule for Broker Course

The Cost of the course is $475.00.

To pass the state broker's exam you now need to know or remember all of the material from the Basic Licensing Course. So you can attend the basic course and we will work with you to get the extra topics like HUD problems and Management.

See the basic schedule here for dates and times.

Once you have finished with the course we have available and additional 800+ prep-questions that you can go over from your computer.

We accept Cash, Discover, MasterCard and Visa along with checks, money orders and etc.

Call Sherry to reserve your seat. 405-848-8671...

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As of January 5, 2009 the OREC will no longer be administering any licensing exams. The exams will be give by a private testing firm and an appointment must be made prior to sitting for the licensing exam. See the AIB, "Agent Information Brochure".

Outline for Broker Course

Oklahoma Real Estate Commission

Test Summarization

January 1, 2009

I.          Property Ownership (Salesperson-7 Items, Broker-7 Items)

A.         Classes of Property
B.         Land Characteristics and Property Descriptions
C.         Encumbrances
D.         Types of Ownership

II.          Land Use Controls and Regulations (Salesperson-7 Items,     Broker-7 Items)


A.         Government Rights in Land

B.         Public Controls Based in Police Power

C.         Private Controls


III.         Valuation and Market Analysis (Salesperson-7 Items, Broker-6 Items)

A.         Value
B.         Methods of Estimating Value (Applicability, Key Elements)
C.                   Competitive Market Analysis
D.                  Transactions Requiring Formal Appraisal

IV.         Financing (Salesperson-8 Items, Broker-7 Items)

A.        General Concepts
B.        Types of Loans
C.        Sources of Loan Money
D.        Government Programs
E.        Mortgages/Deeds of Trust
F.        Financing/Credit Laws


V.         Laws of Agency (Salesperson-10 Items, Broker-10 Items)

 A.         Law, Definition, and Nature of Agency Relationships
 B.         Common Types of Agency Agreements in Real Estate
 C.         Agency Duties
 D.         Disclosure of Agency (General, Detailed Requirements in State Portions)
 E.          Commission and Fees

VI.         Mandated Disclosures (Salesperson-6 Items, Broker-7 Items)

A.         Property Condition Disclosure Forms
B.         Need for Inspection and Obtaining/Verifying Information
C.         Material Facts

VII.        Contracts (Salesperson-10 Items, Broker-10 Items)

A.         General Knowledge of Contract Law
B.         Offers/Purchase Agreements
C.         Counteroffers/Multiple Counteroffers
D.         Leases as Contracts
E.          Rescission and Cancellation Agreements/Other Contract Terminations

VIII. Transfer of Property (Salesperson-7 Items, Broker-6 Items)

A.         Title Insurance
B.         Deeds
C.         Escrow or Closing
D.         Tax Aspects
E.          Special Processes (e.g., Probate, Foreclosure) (Broker only)

IX.         Practice of Real Estate (Salesperson-10 Items, Broker-10 Items)

A.         Fair Housing Laws
B.         Advertising and Misrepresentation
C.         Agent Supervision (Broker only)
D.         Ethical Issues
E.         Broker/Salesperson Agreements

X.         Real Estate Calculations (Salesperson-5 Items, Broker-6 Items)

A.         General Math Concepts
B.         Property Tax Calculations (not Prorations)
C.         Lending Calculations
D.         Calculations for Transactions
E.          Calculations for Valuation
F.          Mortgage Calculations

XI.         Specialty Areas (Salesperson-3 Items, Broker-4 Items)

A.         Property Management and Landlord/Tenant
B.         Subdivisions
C.         Commercial Property/Income Property
D.         Business Opportunities (Broker only)


I.                     Laws and Rules Affecting Oklahoma Real Estate Practice (Salesperson-25 Items, Broker-20 Items)

II.                   Oklahoma Brokerage Relationships Act (Salesperson-14 Items, Broker-11 Items)

III.                  Specialized Property Operations (Salesperson-5 Items, Broker-6 Items)

IV.                 Disclosures and Hazards (Salesperson-6 Items, Broker-5 Items)

V.                   Trust Accounts and Trust Funds (Broker only-8 Items)

VI.                 Brokerage Management  (Broker only-10 Items)

VII.                Closing Statements  (Broker only-10 Items)

The following is a letter from the OREC dated December 5, 2008.


 Beginning January 5, 2009, the Oklahoma real estate license examination will include questions on the common law of agency.  As you are aware, Oklahoma real estate licensees do not practice under the common law of agency, but rather, practice under broker relationships that are defined within the Oklahoma Real Estate License Code and Rules.

 The common law of agency is practiced in most all other licensing jurisdictions and therefore since Oklahoma is now utilizing a national examination vendor, the national portion of the examination will contain questions regarding the common law of agency.  Prospective licensees need to be aware of the common law of agency concepts as they will from time to time be dealing with nonresident licensees and/or consumers.

 In Oklahoma, the common law of agency is still practiced between the real estate broker and the broker´┐Żs associates; however, there is no agency relationship that can exist between the broker/associate and the consumer. 

 Applicants can locate references to the common law principles of agency in real estate text books not specifically drafted toward Oklahoma real estate practices, i.e., any national real estate text book (that could be obtained from any local library).  Any further questions should be referred to Patricia Wheeler, Education and Licensing Director with the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission toll free at 1-866-521-3389 or 405-521-3387 or by email

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